Rat Tat Tat Introduction

Now a few words from RTT

Hi! My name is Eddie and I am a copy written cartoon actor. My current role, as Arlie has told you, is playing the character “RTT” in the pro second amendment cartoon “RAT…TAT…TAT…” My creator, Arlie, is a pro second amendment person. In fact some folks in his family history, from long ago, fought on the side of the United States of America against England in the revolutionary war. I’m a cartoon actor but I am sure that none of those good folks would favor the anti-second amendment crowd. In fact at the battle of Lexington / Concord the English troop’s mission was to take the arms and ammunition from the colonists so that they could not revolt against the repressive English government. The concept of a second amendment found its roots in the beginning of all of our freedom, a point that is lost on some.

I work along with Arlie on developing cartoons that highlight subjects relating to the second amendment. I work with about 30 other characters (so far) that you have been introduced to already. Our job is to lampoon the anti-gun, anti-self-defense, anti-hunting crowd.

The anti-second amendment crowds rationale falls flat when the issue of self-defense comes up and the way that they deal with it is to repeat their “mantra “ that self-defense does not work and is too dangerous to consider. They must follow this strategy or their rationale is destroyed. This is where the nonsense and illogic begins because without their “Spin” of fear, misrepresentation, lies, demonization, emotional ploys and the like they fall flat on their face. To combat that problem they enlist the aid of like minded media allies and opportunistic politicians, eager for support groups. Such politicians don’t care about rights, only reelection!

I can say that RTT will do his part. What is needed now is your help in bringing the “antis” convoluted logic and lies etc. to light. If you have use for us in your publications, communications, newsletters etc. contact us. If you would like to see us in other publications that you read and enjoy, let them know how you feel.

Think about this for a moment, would you like to be compared to one of my fellow anti-gun characters if you were a politician running for office? (Especially in a close race)

I hope that you like our cartoons that follow, there are plenty more.


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