Rat Tat Tat Concept

Rat…Tat…Tat… (RTT) came to be in 2003. Up to that point, he had served in two other capacities. One was “Eddie the Rat” in the late 1980s and early 1990s in cartoon sketches for the amusement of myself and my study hall students. Then from the mid 1990s on, he took on the role of “Rat Boy and the Kid” in announcements to teachers and hall passes, etc. He was humorous and playful.

In 2001, he and I retired from teaching. I had always wanted to be involved, in some way, in protecting and promoting our Second Amendment Rights. I figured that with time in retirement, that I would have the opportunity to do just that. However, as time went on, I realized that this would be difficult because there were others doing what I had thought that I might do. However, areas of input were filled.

Then one day, while reading yet one more negative story about how terrible our Second Amendment was, I got very upset. I was at my drawing table and decided to release my anxieties by drawing a cartoon. There was blank white computer paper and a number of mechanical drawing pencils that I have accumulated during high school, college, teaching, and hobby work. I chose one of my .9 mm Pentel old favorites. Now the cartoon could not begin until I moved the graphite against the paper. But what to draw? Should it be people, or doodles, or animals, or….oh, yeah! Rat Boy!!! I could use him as a kind of an allegorical figure, substituting him as a person and yet depicting such a character as a rat, in a colloquial sense, as a traitor. However, his personality needed to be altered. As Rat Boy, he was happy and playful and funny; but such a rat as I was thinking of him as would be manipulative, conniving, deceitful, foul, an unprincipled liar…and worse.

I thought about his previous roles and I knew that I had to ask his permission to change him into a sinister “bad guy” character. He agreed (tongue in cheek). I was going to take him, my old friend, in a very different direction and it was to start now! “Rat Boy” was now “Rat..Tat..Tat…(the anti-gun rat)” aka RTT. He now needed a bit of a makeover. He got a stretched out sweat shirt, a snout mole, unruly snout whiskers on a contorted snout, as well as human (cartoon) hands and rat (cartoon) feet. Now he was ready to start his new career!

That cartoon developed as an editorial or commentary type cartoon. He didn’t have to make the reader laugh, he needed to make the reader think. I designed this concept to highlight the failings of anti-second amendment zealots. I could deal with their anti-gun lies, their anti-self-defense mentality, their anti-hunting philosophy and their beneath contempt manipulation of peoples emotions. All their character flaws could be brought to light in a form that does not require the reader to sit and read volumes of pro and con arguments.

Is RTT meant to lampoon the “antis” ? He certainly is! Why, because the “antis” have had it their way, long enough, with their illogical concepts. These RTT cartoons deal with themes that occur now and themes that have occurred in the past and have not been resolved to the satisfaction of those of us who value our second amendment rights. Surely these themes will reoccur as time goes on and pro second amendment writers will write about them. I believe that an RTT cartoon would go along very well with such articles to highlight and compliment such articles and leave a picture (cartoon) worth a 1000 words to consider.

RTT has developed a large contingent of fellow characters with whom he can interact to bring out even wider options to lampoon the “antis” illogical concepts.

I have always wondered, as you may have, how many good and decent people have been injured or killed by criminals because they have listened to and believed the “sirens song” sung by the anti-second amendment zealots. How many people were abused by criminals because they went unarmed or worse because they were FORCED to go unarmed because some politician enacted an anti-gun law or laws to appease their anti-gun allies and deceitfully garner votes.

Please take a look at the cast of characters that follow, we hope that you like them.


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